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Readmy is currently under development, but we are going to be building it over the next year. To do this, we are opening up to our community and recruiting volunteers who will take on the reigns of developing the vision for the platform. By doing so, our contributors will be project partners. We also are relying on our community to help us bring relevant features, which they can submit using the Community Forum found in our parent website.

Dr Emmanuel Gonzalez-Escobar, Chairman and co-Founder of Seanasol Research and Founder of Readmy will be speaking at a public webinar on Tuesday March 30, 2021, at 12-1 PM hosted by the Lancaster Environment Centre. He invites members of the scientific community (students and academics) to bring their ideas and comments to share. Please use the registration link below (will open in new tab).

Webinar: Improving how we store, process, and retrieve scientific information
When: March 30, 2021
Time: 12 PM
Venue: Microsoft Teams (via registration)


Use the passcode: March2021 to access the link.


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We have adopted an Earth-first business model for sustainability, which means that innovations tailored for Space settlements must first need to be built for applications on Earth. This ensures that we assess challenges in a way that solutions benefit people on Earth, and progressively build the infrastructure to communities in Space. Our “gateway to collaboration” ideology is about building collaborative networks and acting as liaison between business leaders, policy makers and scientists. We are continually expanding into other biological fields, such as biomedicine and healthcare and places us in the unique position as one of the few Space advocacy companies that operates under a multidisciplinary leadership.

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