Welcome to Readmy

Readmy is an online learning space to publish educational information that you as a learner and a teacher want to share with others. As the platforms grows, it will also support content such as book reviews, research paper commentaries, study guides, how-to-guides, and a story-telling section for aspiring writers.

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Who is this aimed at?


We want to educate students and early career researchers on the importance of citing sources, connecting ideas, and building collaborations.


To drive cross-disciplinary collaborations forward with better understanding of the broader research field,


We want readers to follow the route from ideation to interpretation and make scientific information more accessible.

Our Mission

We believe that learning resources should be made freely accessible to anyone. That is why we are developing a digital learning environment that is ad-free and open-access for students and professionals who want to pursue a career in science and learn beyond their selected area of expertise and for members of the community.

Readmy is a one-stop destination to find all documentation that has been contributed by the Seanasol Universe, through our research projects, community-led and outreach events, information that we obtain from our network and contributions from members of our community.

Carbon Neutrality

While going paperless reduces the carbon footprint, websites, emails, computers and everything that powers digital environments are major contributors to the carbon footprint. We are working on our policies at the moment, but we pledge that by 2025, we offset our carbon dioxide emissions using an appropriate and sustainable strategy.

Become a Scientific Writer

Our student and professional community is at the centre of our innovations. To further develop Readmy and make it accessible, we will depend on input from volunteers. Contact us if you are interested.

Recent News

The Scholar System

The Readmy Goal We want to build Readmy from the ground up and so we have to understand how the academic system works in order to produce the resources that rely on today for information. Most, if not all, the information that is available today comes from research, which led to observation, discovery, and new…

What is Networked-Learning?

We all learn in different ways, but there are key methods that we all use, even if we don’t realise them. Our brains work in fantastic ways, and one of these is forming connections between things that we observe through our 5 senses, the knowledge we have learnt, what we’ve been taught by others. All…

Welcome to Readmy

Readmy is currently under development, but we are going to be building it over the next year. To do this, we are opening up to our community and recruiting volunteers who will take on the reigns of developing the vision for the platform. By doing so, our contributors will be project partners. We also are…