Welcome to Readmy

Readmy is being developed by Seanasol Research as “My all-in-one platform to Read, Engage, Achieve, Discover”. It will rely on an interactions database and machine learning environment called the Journal-resources User Defined Interface (JUDI), that aims to change the way store, process, and retrieve scientific information.

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Who is this aimed at?


To assist students in obtaining novel information from primary resources (research articles), increase their confidence in their studies and develop as better scientists. We are bringing our digital framework to UK universities.


To provide background and novel research findings in areas outside primary interests and drive cross-disciplinary collaborations forward with better understanding of the broader research field,


Working with the larger community, public-funded initiatives and professionals to make scientific information more accessible for the general public, especially in the areas of health and wellbeing.

Our Beliefs

We believe that learning resources should be made freely accessible to anyone. That is why we are developing a digital learning environment that is an ad-free and open-access space for students and professionals who want to pursue a career in science and learn beyond their selected area of expertise.

We want to build a platform from the vision of our community, and we are going to be continually reaching out to students and academics to support this website. It may work or it may make no difference, but we believe that we bring a unique solution to an ever growing struggle on how we learn from scientific resources. With input from our community, we will learn what works and what doesn’t work so well, and together build and adapt this tool.

Carbon Neutrality

While going paperless reduces the carbon footprint, websites, emails, computers and everything that powers digital environments are major contributors to the carbon footprint. We are working on our policies at the moment, but we pledge that by 2025, we offset our carbon dioxide emissions using an appropriate and sustainable strategy.

Become a Scientific Writer

Our student and professional community is at the centre of our innovations. To further develop JUDI and make it accessible, we will depend on input from volunteers. Contact us if you are interested.